2016 Hair Goals

January 20, 2016

2015 Hair Summary

Happy New Year! 2015 was an interesting year; I started the first 3 months on a very good note, but increasingly began to procrastinate. I started missing key steps (i.e. detangling) in my regimen.

Due to my carelessness, I started experiencing breakage and thinning ends. At first, I ignored the warning signs. I overextended my relaxer schedule without caring for my new growth. Unfortunately, my negligence caught up to me when I went to braid my hair in September and my aunt noted that my hair was dry and my ends were thinning out. I waved it aside and continued the poor habit.

Flat twist 2016 02

The wake up call came when I went to relax my hair in November and my stylist pointed out that my hair was very dry and in a bad shape, and she hasn’t seen it in this state since I started taking care of my hair! This was a (much needed) rude awakening that has triggered my return to healthy hair care 101. For this reason, The 5 hair goals below will focus on restoring the health of my hair.

1.Hair Regimen: Back to Basics

I plan to diligently follow every step in my regimen. The 3 key steps I plan to take are:

a.) Reduce relaxer stretch to 16weeks. I noted that anything past 16 weeks results in significant breakage. I will also book braiding and relaxing appointment in advance, as this is the primary cause of unwarranted stretching.

b.) Get my hair into 1 relaxed/texlaxed texture. I mentioned in this post that I plan to grow out all the several textures in my hair. The good news is that I have about an inch of bone straight relaxed hair to trim off, and what is left will be hair that grew after my hair journey began in Aug 30 2013. I do plan to grow my hair to waist length, but it is not a priority for 2016.

c) Reduce Product Usage – Hello Shea Moisture!
I have been using too many different brands at once, which is causing my hair to experience an allergic reaction, triggering weeks of damage control. I will retire most of the ORS product line from my regimen, as my hair no longer responds to the products. ORS does a great job moisturizing my fully processed ends, but doesn’t do a thing to my new growth, as they are just so thick and coarse! The line that is (currently) capable of taming my new growth is Shea Moisture. I have tried products from the Raw Shea Butter line and my hair loved it. I styled the flat twist below using 2 Shea Moisture products (review pending!). I will continue using L’Oreal Ever Crème Line for the first 4 weeks after relaxer retouch, and the ORS replenishing conditioner, as it does wonders when I add it to my deep conditioning mix.


2.Moisturize and Seal (M&S) Regularly

I have noted a HUGE difference since I started moisturizing and sealing regularly. My new growth are much more manageable and my hair is soft and much easier to detangle. I will continue M&S every other day when I am over 4 weeks post relaxer and 3x a week when freshly relaxed. Look out for detailed post on the products used.

3.Be Versatile with Protective Styles

For 2016, I plan to experiment more with protective styles such as crown braids/twists, buns and updos. I have always wanted to wear these styles, but I need to learn how to do them. They will be very beneficial in keeping my hands off my hair for 2-3 days.

Fresh Lengths
Fresh Lengths (www.freshlengths.blogspot.com)

4. Nutritious Diet

Since early December 2015, I pretty much fell off the healthy eating wagon and it is quite evident on my hair and skin. My hair is starting to look a bit dull, and my face has developed some unflattering scars. I plan to increase my intake of food that are rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. I will also take in more green vegetables such as spinach, but I will be blending them as it is much easier to ingest in liquid form. I will continue to drink carrot juice daily since it does wonders for my hair, skin and nails.

5. Be Consistent and Diligent

I have taken steps to ensure that I stay on top of all things hair. I got a notebook for blogging and in this notebook, I will jot down ideas that pop into my head or any results of research that I did. I will also set reminders for hair posts to go live on Mondays. Having a set schedule will motivate me to stay on top of things.

Final Note

Overall, my hair goal for 2016 is to be diligent with my regimen, be versatile with protective styles, and to maintain a nutritious diet.


What are your hair goals for 2016? Share your thoughts below…