Blog Addition | (Acne) Skin Care

February 7, 2015

I have been contemplating the addition for several months and I have decided to give it a go. I will focus on acne skin care, as I have battled acne for over a decade. After much (a lot of!) trial and error, I can confidently say that I have it under control.

Jan 2015 - no makeup
Jan 2015 – no makeup
July 2008 - with makeup
July 2008 – with makeup

My diet and skin care routine keep acne under control, as they augment the effect of the treatment products. I tend to breakout when I deviate from my routine but once I get back on track, they clear up fast!

The product line that helped in clearing my skin is La Roche Posay, Effaclar line from Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada). I will have a detailed post on the products and others lines that I have tried.


I will also post on my makeup products and routines.

Final Note

Below are 3 key things I want readers to note:

1. There is no cure for acne, but it can be treated and controlled with the right products and skin care routine.

2. Stick to your routine. When you start a new product line, you may experience drastic results within 1-3 weeks of use. Don’t be fooled by sudden clearance of skin and do not deviate from your routine. I did this a lot and it perpetuated the situation.

3. Be patient. If you suffer from severe acne with uneven skin surface, it will take about a year for the skin to be completely spot-free and very smooth to touch.

 Clear skin is achievable but it  requires a great deal of perseverance, effort and due diligence. 


Do you suffer from acne?  What are your go-to products for treatment? Any DIY remedies?