Braids Upkeep & Takedown

August 28, 2014


I wrote a brief summary of my braid takedown in this post, and I mentioned that I will make a separate post on how I maintained and took out the braids, that resulted in minimal breakage seen in the picture below:

Here is the post, happy reading!


I washed the braids every 8-10 days. I used a clarifying shampoo and follow with a conditioner. I applied the products to the scalp and gave it a little massage before rinsing it out. I also did honey and olive oil treatment in week 4 to condition the new growth.

I wore a silk scarf  to bed every night.  It is the ultimate protective tool because it keeps the braids intact and smoothens flyaways.  It keeps the style ‘neat’ several weeks after braiding. A satin scarf/cap works just as well.

The Takedown

Tools needed to take out braids:

  1. Comb/tool with a pointy end to loosen braid. A rat tail comb will do, but do not use to detangle
  2. Detangling comb: use a mid-size comb to detangle and prevent matting. I used a seamless comb, combs with seams (lines between the teeth) tend to snag at curly/braided hair. I used the Hercules Sägeman HS1975 Styling Comb
  3. Wide tooth/shower comb for final detangle.  I used the Hercules Sägeman Jumbo Rake comb
  4. Natural oil: I used coconut oil
  5. Optional: Butterfly clamps

Butterfly clamp
Butterfly clamps

After taking out a small section (~ 1/8 of hair), I combed it gently till it was fully detangled. I 2-strand twisted the section,  and used a butterfly clamp to hold it in place. I repeated the process till all the braids were out. I ended up with about 6-8 sections.

I loosened all twists, parted my hair into 4 sections, and used the wide tooth comb for a final detangle. I applied the coconut oil to each section, twisted it again and rolled it into a bun. Finally, I covered my hair with a shower cap, tied a silk scarf on it, and went to bed.

When I washed my hair the next morning, the result was matt-free, tangle-free hair!  😀

 What do you think of this technique? Let me know your thoughts below 🙂 

Yinka A.