Effects of Carrot Juice on my Hair, Skin & Nails |16 months later

May 6, 2015

I had a relaxer touch up on April 23 and below is my current length check. My hair is much thicker, thanks to carrot juice. I have mentioned the juice in previous posts and below is my 16 months review.

Hair update

I began drinking carrot juice in early January 2014, as i wasn’t getting enough vegetables in my diet. I found out several weeks later that it was a (hair) growth aid. I chose the Bolthouse carrot juice as it is readily accessible at the grocery store (salad section) and I buy the 1.54L bottle weekly. The juice is quite sweet, which was unexpected, but i love the colour  and consistency.


For the first month, i had 2 glasses daily (morning and evening). 6 weeks later, I reduced it to 1 glass, as i noted an orange tint to my skin,  particularly on the tip of my nose. Though i was expecting the juice to only impart my hair, i noted some effects on my skin and nails as well.

1. Thicker, Stronger Hair 
My hair is much thicker and stronger, but i didn’t notice a change in the growth rate. Breakage has also drastically reduced. The new growth are so thick that at times, it feels as though i am wearing a helmet. The only con is that the thinness of my ends are much pronounced and they look weaker than they actually are.

2. Fading Scars
About 4 weeks into the carrot juice,  I started to note significant fading of acne scars and stretch marks. My skin has a nice ‘glow’ to it and when i breakout, i don’t scar as i use to.

No make up
No make up

3. Stronger Nails 
Coupled with shellac manicure, my nails are much stronger and less prone to breakage. They grow quickly but as they were soft, they tend to break easily. About 10 weeks into drinking carrot juice, they became stronger and when a nail chips/cracks slightly, it tends to repair itself within 2-3days!!




Overall, i highly recommend the juice for hair maintenance. I will continue drinking the juice to maintain the thickness of my hair and my glowing skin.

Have you tried Carrot Juice ?

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