Growth Aids

November 15, 2014

A friend asked me about my thoughts on growth aids, specifically hairfinity. I penned the suggestion into my blog journal,  and i have decided to have a general post. Growth aids are noted to ‘increase’ the rate of hair growth.

Hair Vitamins

The 2 most popular hair vitamins are Hairfinity and Biotin.

Going through the website, It was very easy to discern through the hype and product claims. I don’t find anything special about the ‘unique formula’, as the claims basically restate the typical functions of vitamins using consumer-friendly diction.

I also noted that notable ‘hair gurus’ have used the supplements, as they are holding the bottle to their face, which makes me wonder if they are being compensated for it. I haven’t tried Hairfinity because………………. honestly, i have no reason. I guess since i am health-focused, length is not an issue for me. My hair also grows about an inch per month and i have always had thick hair.


The common biotin supplement on the market

The generic name is vitamin H (or B7) and it is found in many food and multivitamin supplements (100-400mcg); roughly 50% of recommended daily intake. Bottled Biotin comes in higher concentration (1000, 5000, 6000)mcg. I haven’t tried it because, it has been noted to cause breakouts, as its high concentration inhibits vitamin C, which is responsible for clear skin. I have acne-prone skin, so no!

Essential Oils


Essential oil like peppermint oil and tea tree oil stimulates hair follicle to induce blood flow to the scalp, promoting growth. Peppermint oil clarifies my scalp and leaves a tingly feel after use; i tend to add 1-3 drops to my deep conditioner.  Tea tree oil is well-known as an anti-fungal/bacteria oil; it also leaves a tingly feel, but not as intense as peppermint oil.

Carrot Juice

I started drinking carrot juice, as i wasn’t getting enough vegetables in my diet, and later found out from YouTuber, Tressed for Success that it was a growth aid. I have been drinking the 1.54L of Boathouse carrot juice weekly (since January), which i pick up from the grocery store.  Overall, there has been no change in my growth rate, but I did note that my hair and nails are much stronger, and my acne scars have significantly faded.


My 2 Cents

I won’t tell you to use/avoid growth aids, as i feel that the decision is up to you. What i do stress is consistency; you NEED to build a regimen to care for your hair. You may achieve phenomenal result from using growth aids, but if you don’t take care of your tresses, you will never maintain them. There is no bottled alternative to diligence!

Having long hair is one thing; maintaining long, luscious and healthy hair is another!

I have been told that i have a fast growth rate, but I noted that once i focused on health, i started to retain length. My hair is not growing faster, it is growing healthier! I have also notice this with my nails.

Finally, strive for balance intake of vitamins. Your overall health is more important, as hair retrieves its nutrients from the body.

Have you tried Hairfinity? Biotin? What about carrot juice? Other growth aids? Share your thoughts below.

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