Relaxed Hair Update | February 2015

March 16, 2015

The Month of Defined Twists

Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-01

I am so glad i was able to achieve my 2015 hair goal of defined twist styles thanks to Ecostyler Krystal  gel. I flat twisted my hair all of February and below are steps to achieve the style.

Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-02

Hair prep
I prepped my hair by  doing  a prewash treatment with coconut oil. I leave it in for about 45mins, then shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I followed with a deep condition mix  of ORS conditioner,  L’Oreal Oleotheraphy conditioner and 5 drops of peppermint oil for 30 mins. I wash out the treatment with warm water and follow with a cold rinse to flatten my cuticle. I wrap my hair with a cotton t-shirt for 10 mins to absorb excess water.

Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-03

The 4 products used were Shea butter, mousse, grapeseed oil  and Ecostyler Krystal Gel.  I moisturize with Shea butter in frigid winter, but i use a light moisturizer for spring/summer, as the butter can weigh hair down.

Relaxed Hair Update _ Shea butter_Healthynrelaxed-04

I follow with golf-ball sized  mousse, seal with oil, and I finish with the gel. Ecostyler gel has made a huge difference  in defining my curls, making them last for 4-6 days. It is clear with a light, fresh scent. It also makes my hair very shiny, and doesn’t flake.

Relaxed Hair Update _ ecostyler gel_Healthynrelaxed-01

The Twist
Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-03

First,  i part my hair in the desired ‘side parting’,  and section it into two. I start by flat twisting from one side, and work my way around to the other. This ensure that each twists are same size, and it gives the desired result when i take them down. I roll the ends in permrods and wait about about 30 mins for the gel to dry before heading to bed. I cover my hair with a silk scarf.

Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-04

I coat my fingers with oil and GENTLY remove the permrods to avoid frizz. To unravel, i  twist in the opposite direction. After fully unravelling, i separate the twists and fluff out my hair. I apply a pea-size amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease curl creme and ‘scrunch’ my hair to further prevent frizz.

Night time routine
I  push the curls to the top of my head and secure it with a loose scrunchie. I  tie a silk scarf around it and head to bed. The next morning, i take out the scrunchie and fluff out the curls.

Relaxed Hair Update _ Flat twist out_Healthynrelaxed-06

 Have you tried the flat twist? What gel/ creme do you use to define your curls?