[Hair Update] Hair Goals 2015/16

October 5, 2015

Hello all, happy new month!

I am so glad I braid my hair, as it was becoming overwhelming to style. I will have a detailed post on the braids for next week. Look out for that.


You’ve probably noted over the past few months that I haven’t been diligent with blog postings. I have been quite negligent lately with pretty much every thing and it is starting to show in my hair. When I went to braid my hair, my aunty noted that my ends were thinning and my scalp was quite dry. This was a wakeup call, as they were symptoms I chronically experienced before starting my healthy hair care.

The easy way will be to blame it on ‘work’ but I know that I am quite capable of handling it. The truth is that, I have been quite complacent and I have been skipping key steps in my regimen such as moisturize & seal, healthy diet, and intake of carrot juice.

Hair Goal: Texlaxed Waist Length Hair by December 2016
To get back on track, I have decided to go on a hair journey to grow my hair to waist length. I am not a fan of the phrase, as I believe healthy hair should be a lifestyle, not a journey. But I feel like I need it to keep me on track. My hair is just past bra strap length (BSL) and as I am at a stage where it’s neither too long nor too short, I feel like I am in a limbo. Sometimes, I don’t even know what to do with my hair, and I just put it in a ponytail, or roll it into a bun, which leads to negligence.

Also, having 3 to 4 different textures at a time does not help. (Starting from scalp) Texture #1 is my new growth. Texture #2 is the texlaxed hair after June 2014. Texture #3 was a result of an unsuccessful attempt to transition to natural hair in October 2013; I had to relax my hair in February 2014 to combat breakage and the result was about 2 inches of severely under processed hair. This texture has now grown to just below my ear lobe as seen in the picture below. Texture #4 is my bone-straight relaxed hair and i have about 3 inches to trim off before having fully texlaxed tresses.


Final Note:
I am quite anxious to go on a hair journey, but I am also optimistic. I hope to have 2 textures (1 & 2) by December 2016 and I think the journey will help me regain my zeal for healthy hair practice.

What are your hair goals? Are you on a hair journey?