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The information and resources on hair is quite extensive and overwhelming to hair care newbies. I compiled this list to help ease the transition. Happy reading (and watching)!

Primary Guide
Book: The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy:
Website  ~ BlogYouTube

This is my main guide for posts on hair health. I strongly recommend this book to anyone, whether relaxed or natural, as it covers everything from the structure and behaviour of textured hair, to achieving and maintaining healthy hair. The book is very easy to read largely due to its table of contents, which allows the reader to skip to the desired topic for quick information.

I follow many blogs but below are blogs that i recommend to hair care newbies.

Prettywitty77: Facebook ~ YouTube | The Happy Hair Show: YouTube | Tressed  for Success: YouTube | Fresh Lengths: BlogYouTube | Lauren Mechelle: Blog

Mahogany Curls: Blog ~ YouTube | Naptural85: Blog ~ YouTube | The Mane Captain: Blog | Naturally Curly: Blog | Sun Kiss Alba: Blog ~ YouTube | Black Naps: Blog | Craving Yellow: Blog ~ YouTube

Which blogs do you follow? What about YouTubers? 
Are your favourite vlogs on the list?


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    Jouelzy and Aucurlsnaturelle and Fusionofcultures are some of my favorite natural youtubers but when I was fully relaxed I would watch Ulovemegz as well !

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    Hi Transitionneuse,

    Yes- Ulovemegz is one of my top 10 blogs, love her hair, and style 🙂

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    my favourite hair blog is :p

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      lol! Will check it out!

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