The Wash

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One of the most important steps in healthy hair care and maintenance is the wash process. There are different types of  wash techniques and listed below is just a few. Stay tune for posts that cover the listed wash in details.

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The Wash Process

The wash process-page-001


Typical Wash

This is a standard wash.  A moisturizing wash is recommend weekly for optimal moisture retention.

Typical Wash proccess-page-001

Wash + Clarify

A clarifying shampoo is recommend every other week to clarify buildup. Ensure to follow a clarifying shampoo with a deep conditioner to restore moisture stripped by the shampoo.

Wash + Clarify-page-001


Co-wash is the short form for conditioner wash. It involves washing hair with just a conditioner. Co-wash once a week to further retain moisture.

Cowash (Summer & Winter)-page-001

Protein Treatment

A protein treatment strengthens hair by restoring protein lost during chemical treatments and over-manipulation (i.e. braiding).  It is recommended at least once a month.

Wash + Protein-page-001


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