Liebster Award | 3 Nominations | Thank You

September 28, 2014

Happy Sunday!

I was first nominated back in August for the Liebster Award by Danielle @ No More Ugly Hair but I never had the chance to follow up. Apologies Danielle! I received the other nominations from Manely Love and Miss Tress. Thanks ladies, much appreciated.

Below are my answers and nominated blogs.

11 Facts  about me 

  1. Though I am ambidextrous, my left hand is the dominant hand
  2. I have a younger sister, but people can’t seem to tell us apart, though there is clearly an height difference; she’s 5’ 3 and I am 5’ :
  3. I don’t like the taste of sugar itself, but I have a sweet tooth.
  4. Both my parents are Nigerian, but people think I am from the Caribbean Islands. I once had a hairdresser who tried (unsuccessfully) to convince me that I have Asian ancestry because of my small eyes. Her case was pretty solid though…..
  5. I don’t think I will ever ride a rollercoaster, I am afraid I might have a heart attack on them
  6. I am an avid reader; I can’t go a day without reading a book/ article/ report
  7. I am an introvert; I am not a fan of loud events/parties, but I enjoy one-on-one conversations in a quiet setting.
  8. I don’t drink; never really liked the taste of alcohol
  9. I like quiet space; I am more productive and I can hear myself think
  10. The first thing I notice about someone is their T-zone… is that weird?
  11. I love music; piano and jazz music are my current preference 🙂

I randomly picked the questions from all 3 nominations:

1. What is your #1 hair tip?
Wash and deep condition your hair! I started seeing results in my hair, once I followed this tip.

2. What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colours are these 3 shades of blue; royal blue, powder blue and navy blue. I always find myself pulled towards these colours.

Lupita Nyong'o - Plunging Powder Blue Evening Dress

3. What is your #1 hair regret?
My biggest hair regret is that I didn’t start taking care of my hair much earlier, though I was following hair blogs. I guess my hesitation was due to the fact that I was only following length-focused bloggers with waist length hair.

4. Are you relaxed, natural, or texlaxed?
I am in between relaxed and texlaxed. My hair isn’t relaxed bone straight, but it is not fully texlaxed either.

5. How long is your hair currently?
My hair is just past Bra Strap Length (BSL). I am currently 7 weeks post relaxer. I  had my hair blown out 2 weeks ago but it shrunk back to grazing BSL a few hours later 🙁

6. Ice cream or cake?
Cake! The assorted ones are the best 🙂


7. What is your favourite protective style?
The Bun.

8. Favourite type of shoe?  
Pumps! Check out my shoe board on Pinterest.

9. Any hidden talents?
I understand numbers better than languages…. is that a talent?

10. What is your least favourite part of your hair regimen?
The wait time during deep conditioning. The result is always amazing, so it’s worth the wait 🙂

11. Celebrity hair crush?
Jess from Mahogany Curls! Whenever I see her hair pictures, I just want to chop off my relaxed hair and go natural. #hair love <3<3<3
mahoghany curls


I will be asking the same questions as above. I nominate:

Today’s Naira | Somi’s Hair | The Curly Guide | EEMSD!ARY  | Ren’s Kpop and Kdrama Blogspot |

Apologies, I couldn’t find 11 blogs that has less than 200 followers 🙁

Looking forward to your responses!

-Yinka A.