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I started this blog to primarily address the reactions/questions I get on a daily basis:

  Oh my gahhhh! I love your hair! What do you do to your hair? What products do you use?

I created the blog to help readers achieve and maintain healthy relaxed hair. This blog is for anyone with chemically treated (primarily relaxed) hair, looking for practical ways to care for their tresses without breaking the bank or spending their precious time on unnecessary and time-consuming hair treatments. The blog is also for individuals who are thinking of transitioning to natural hair, texlaxed hair, or are contemplating the ‘big chop’.

This is NOT a length-focused blog, it is a HEALTH-focused blog

I will tell you from personal experience that being length-focused is very difficult and it requires a great deal of perseverance. I had to change my strategy, 8 weeks into my ‘hair journey’. The very first thing I did was replace the term, ‘hair journey’ with ‘healthy hair lifestyle’ as I believe that having healthy hair should be a lifestyle. Though i plan to grow my hair out to waist length, my primary focus is still the length of my hair.


– It is also possible to have long, but unhealthy relaxed hair –

For the length enthusiast, note that there is no such product that can grow hair; hair growth is determined by your genes.  Your focus should be retaining the growth – length retention. If your hair is healthy, length retention will follow and you will recover quickly from damage (dye job gone wrong, over-processing, detangling mayhem,……. the list goes on).


Natural hair is healthier than chemically treated hair. It is thicker, fuller and much more versatile to style. I am not against natural hair or going natural. Also, 90% of the blogs I follow are natural hair blogs. This is why I believe that whatever you choose to do to your hair is totally up to you.

Remember to relax, it’s just hair!

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