The Hair Bun that Morphed into a Hair Bow

May 21, 2015

Hello, it’s been a while! Notice anything new on the blog? (Pssst….. the layout and domain name). I finally gave in聽decided to try a custom domain name to see its benefits, as suppose to .wordpress.com聽i also decided to change the layout. Let me know what you think (Comment below 馃檪 ) Anyways, back to my post……

When i tell people that my hair has a mind of its own, they tend to roll their eyes, well ha! I finally have proof **nods twice**聽Below is an interesting tale of how my hair decided to style itself from a ‘layered’ top bun to a bow.

Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-01

Over the weekend, i聽went to the #HeARTExperienceToronto to support my sister who organized the event. I opted for聽a top bun to change up my style, as i usually wear my hair in a ponytail. To achieve the style:

1. I moisturized with聽ORS Creme Headdress and sealed with grapeseed oil
2.I brushed my hair to the top of my head where i want the bun to be with a soft bristle brush
3. I secured the hair with a band and tugged聽gently at the ends to push it聽downward
4. I sectioned the ponytail聽into 4 and wrapped each section (in opposing directions) into a bun. I layered and tucked in excess hair with bobby pins.
5. After completing the bun, i brushed up the sides and finished with a hairspray. Below is the finished look.

Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-03Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-04Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-02

As i didn’t fully layer my hair (picture 2 above), the space聽inside the bun got wider, largely from running frantically to catch the bus. At聽the event, i kept receiving聽compliments and I noted that when people made eye contact, seconds later, they will stare just above my head. I decided to use my phone to take a look at what they were staring at and to my amazement, the bun has morphed into a bow! I took the shot below to document this ‘phenomenal’.

Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-05

The next day, I was able to recreate the style by following all the steps above, particularly the running frantically to catch the bus transit 聽part. To achieve the bow, i left a little opening at the top of the bun when i layered the sections of hair. After tucking excess hair away, i gently widen the opening with my index fingers till i get the desired bow structure. I finish the look with hairspray to prevent frizz.

Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-06

Hair Bun - healthynrelaxed-03

Have you tried the top bun?聽