5 Simple Remedies to Combat Dry Hair

December 23, 2014

I relaxed my hair on December 13, and i have modified my moisturizing regimen, as my ends were losing moisture to the frigid cold.


Below are 5 remedies that help me combat dryness in winter.


1. Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated is very important this winter, as it is the ultimate defence against dryness which leads to breakage. I suggest at least 2L daily. Ensure to space the water throughout the day, as your body will just flush it out if you drink it all at once. A good indicator of dehydration are your lips; if they feel dry and ‘chappy‘, then you are dehydrated.


Make sure the products below (excl. shampoo)  say ‘100% pure’ on the label. You need pure ingredients for optimal results. If ‘100%’ is not quoted, it is not pure.

2. Coconut Oil 


I love coconut oil because it is a moisturizer and sealant, making it a necessity for dry hair. I use it as a pre-wash (prepoo) treatment by massaging it to my scalp, then work it down to my ends. I roll my hair in a bun and cover with a shower cap for 30 mins. I have been using the oil since January, and it has helped reduce breakage and retain length. Make sure the product label state ‘virgin’  as this contain the maximum nutrient content.

3. Sulfate-free (SF) Shampoo

If you suffer from chronically-dry hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo to further retain moisture. Check out the products post for a list of SF shampoo. I use the L’Oréal EverCrème SF Shampoo

4. Honey + Olive Oil + Peppermint Oil Treatment


Honey is a humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture to itself. This is why it is crucial for dry hair. It also add shine and leave a slight tint. Olive Oil has so many health benefits, that it will take me forever to list it. Here is the honey+olive oil post.


I swap the tea tree oil for 4-6 drops of peppermint oil, as i noted that it removes build up better than tea tree oil. It also stimulates scalp to promote growth.peppermint-and-oil-bottle



5. Protect your ends – The ‘Baggy’ Method

It involves wrapping the ends of hair in a plastic bag. When my ends are very dry with no time to deep condition, i ‘bag’ them in a (sandwich) bag. First, i moisturize with water and seal with grapeseed oil. I wrap it in a bun, cover the bun with the bag, and secure it with a hairband. I do this routine before heading to bed  and my ends are always revitalized the next morning. Here is a video of the ‘baggy’ method by YouTuber, KissSeventyseven.


What are your thoughts on the ‘baggy’ method? Have you tried peppermint oil? Do you know other remedies ? Share your thoughts below 🙂


Lucy Bee | Google Images