Braid Takedown | Aug.4.2014

August 24, 2014

I was over 8 weeks post relaxer with an inch of new growth which was getting very difficult to style. I also had a very busy summer school schedule -my primary reason for braiding. I braided my hair on June 28, 2014. I didn’t get the chance to take a picture right after, but below is a picture I took about a week after 🙂

2014-07-07 19.24.33

I always go to my aunty for this style of braiding because she is the best! I <3 her braiding. I think she used about 2 packs of Xpression extension (colour 4). The style was the ‘2-step’, my signature hairstyle 😉


To maintain the braids, I wash it every 8-10 days. I also wear a silk scarf at night. I will have a separate post on how I maintain my braids.


I decided to do cornrow braids, as I always suffer severe breakage when I do boxbraids. I have tried all the prevention techniques under the sun and the result is always same; each time, i loose more hair!

Last box braid
Last box braid: Mar.23.2014
Hair loss (mostly breakage) :(
May.4.2014 – Hair loss (mostly breakage) 🙁

I took down the braids on August 4. I decided to take them out because it was getting really itchy, and I have about an inch of additional new growth. It took about 4 hours because I was watching a movie (21 Jump Street). After taking out the extensions, I noted that my hair responded really well to the style. It was very soft and shiny, and the ends were still intact without significant damage. My hair was very thick and full; a first from braiding! I also didn’t need a trim when I relaxed my hair a few days later – another first!

2014-08-04 05.51.00 copyI lost a bit of hair after detangling, but i noticed that there was no matting, which was a big plus for me.

I will be doing this style again because It really help my relaxer stretch and it was a beautiful style.

 Do you like braids? With/without extensions? What are your favourite styles? Do you experience matting from boxbraids? Let me know your thoughts below 

Yinka A.