Relaxed Hair Pictures | June 2015

July 27, 2015

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-02

Hello all,

This post is a gallery of pictures i took in June. They are mostly flat twist styles. I typically install the twist at night and unravel them the next morning. I used ecostyler gel for definition and followed the steps listed in this post.They usually last for 4-5 days if i pineapple at night.


I must say, June 8 was one of the best flat twist i have done to date.  The curls were super fluffy and bouncy! I took these pictures as i was heading off to work.

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-12

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-11

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-10

The twists were starting to unravel but the ends were still intact.

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-09


Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-07

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-07

Around mid June, i got bored with flat twist so i decided to flat iron my hair. I usually don’t use heat during the month of flat twists, so i made sure to properly deep condition my hair to prevent heat damage.

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-06

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-06

This flat twist was an accidentally success. I twisted my hair a few days prior but added too much gel, so the twists weren’t fully dry by the next morning. I had to unravel them as i was heading out. I retwisted my hair that night by misting with a leave-in conditioner and some Jojoba oil to seal the ends. When i untwisted the next morning, the twist were super defined and shiny! I was just getting complements left and right.

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-05

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-04

Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-03
close up
Relaxed hair pictures - healthynrelaxed-01
texture shot

 Note: Pictures were taken using Olympus Evolt E510 DSLR