Relaxed Hair Regimen for Beginners

A hair regimen is a plan to follow to achieve and maintain healthy hair. The illustrations below show the major steps in a typical relaxed hair regimen.ย  The products post ย andย product & tools page also provide more information.

Relaxed Hair regimen for beginners-01

Relaxed Hair regimen for beginners-02



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    my hair is always full of Dandruff even when i oil it every day what do i do

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    Hi Sarimah,
    Thank you for visiting the blog. For dandruff treatment, it is most important to identify what is causing the dandruff. Is it due to irregular wash or are you using too much products? For dandruff remedy I suggest:

    1. Wash hair at least once a week. A clarifying shampoo will help remove product buildup causing the dandruff.
    2. After shampooing, do a deep conditioning treatment of honey+olive oil (see blogpost for measurement). ADD 10 drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. Tea tree oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, this will combat the dandruff issues.
    3. Heat up the honey+olive oil for 30 secs in the microwave. Let it cool, then add the tee tree oil. Apply it directly to your scalp first, then the rest of your hair. You will feel a slight tingle, this means that the product is working
    4. Cover your hair with shower cap and leave it in for at least 45 – 60 mins
    5. Wash out the mixture with warm water and follow with a conditioner
    6. Air-dry or blow dry
    7. Repeat step 1-6 weekly and you will note improvement in dandruff

    =>You mentioned that you oil your hair everyday, what type of oil do you use? I suggest going for natural oils like grapeseed oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil. You can get the oils at health food stores. Commercial oils tend to cause product build up, which worsens dandruff.


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      You are most welcome!

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    If I want to incorporate a hot oil treatment during wash day where is the best place to position it?

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      Hi Jody, the ideal position for a hot oil treatment is before shampoo, making it a pre-shampoo treatment. I didn’t include this in the regimen, as this will make the process too long.

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    love the infographs. they’re thorough and detailed!

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    Jack Lynne

    The advice for newbies was really helpful.
    I decided to get my natural hair relaxed recently but allowed myself to be talked into getting a Brazilian Keratin treatment (formaldehyde free). Suffice to say I was unhappy with result. It’s been just over a week since treatment. Any ideas how long I have to wait before getting it relaxed ?

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      Hi Jack Lynne, thanks for visiting! It’s unfortunate that the Brazilian Keratin treatment didn’t turn out so well. I don’t know much about Brazilian Keratin Treatment, but in terms of wait time, i will suggest a 4-week wait time before getting a relaxer, it gives your hair time to recuperate.

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