Product Review| L’Oréal Evercrème Shampoo & Conditioner

November 22, 2014


I bought the L’Oréal EverCrème Intense Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner back in March from Shoppers Drug Mart, but i have also seen the line at Walmart, Target and Loblaws and it was on sale from $10.99 to $8.99CDN. At first, I was a bit hesitant, as i thought the content (250mL) was quite small for the price, but using the product has eliminated this doubt.

– Luxuriously soft and shiny hair
– No sulfates, parabens, or heavy waxes
– Triple action hydration without weighdown

On the first use, i had to recheck the bottle to make sure that i wasn’t using  the conditioner, because it was so moisturizing! It has a light scent, and i don’t have to use much to get the desired result. The honey+olive oil prewash treatment lifts scalp buildup and the shampoo simply washes it out without drying out my hair.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is quite thick and creamy, and it has a subtle scent to it, a definite plus for me.  As a test, i deep conditioned with it for an hour. I noted that my hair was quite soft, but not as silky as my regular deep conditioner. I think the EverCrème Deep Nourishing Masque will perform better. I have been looking for the masque for a while now, any help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

I don’t have to use  much, as it acts to support my deep conditioning treatment.  I use it before applying the treatment to reduce breakage when parting my hair, and right after to wash out the treatment. It leaves  a light vanilla-like scent.


Final Note
Overall, i think they are great for healthy hair maintenance. The product line is ideal for relaxed/chemically treated tresses, as it provides the right amount of  moisture without the weighdown. I don’t recommend it for naturals, because  it is not intense enough. This is why I use them for the first 7-8 weeks after relaxer, and switch back to ORS Olive Oil line, as my new growth are just too thick.  I also recommend a deep conditioning treatment  and/or prewash to boost the  effects of the products.

Have you tried the shampoo and conditioner? The nourishing masque? Any favourite product from the L’Oréal sulfate-free collection?
Let me know your thoughts below 🙂