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Hello, my name is Yinka Adegbusi, aka healthynrelaxed and I am the face behind Healthy & Relaxed

My hair has been shoulder length since i was 12, but never grew past this state as i had believed the false notion that Black hair does not grow. After following relaxed gurus such as @freshlengths, @prettywitty77, @thehappyhairshow @healthyhairjunkie and @hairducation, i decided to give this ‘hair journey’ thing a try.  

I  began taking proper care of my hair on August 30, 2013 and i reached mid-back length in December 2014. I encountered a few setbacks along the way, but i am back on track! My long term goal is to grow my hair to waist length, but my current goal is to transition to texlaxed hair.

Join me on my quest to achieve and maintain healthy and relaxed hair.



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    Hey there Yinka! I do a blog following spree every once in a while, and this July I’m going 7 for 7: following 7 fun blogs a day, each day, for the seventh month. Yours is today’s #1. Feel free to come visit me at and if you like what you read, follow back! Thanks and have a great day!

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      Hi Jacob, thanks for visiting, i have gone over to your blog and your post are amazing. Looking forward to more posts. Cheers!

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